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Through the glass window.

Through the glass window, we see colours and light and some things new.

The old and windblown trees that rock from side to side,

peter rabbit as he hops on by,

the untouched beauty that is held in the eye of the beholder.

Sometimes, through the glass window, you see yourself,

wondering and wishing how life passes us by.

The wants, maybes and future dreams,

all remain but a mystery.

The glass window itself chooses to let you see through,

or see yourself looking back at the girl.

You see the reflection of the past, unknownness of the future,

where questions present themselves with a little tiny shiver.

What do we dream for when we gaze through the glass?

This is not a mirror who grants your wishing demands,

for it is clear to see through but can keep you in,

making you long for what you can't see as it's still hidden.

So when you look through your glass window today,

make time to stop, think and say...

to yourself, that you are enough and you will succeed

in achieving your goals, ambitions and your dreams.

Gurt x

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