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When you are standing still amongst the maddening rush

and all you can feel is your heart beating fast,

you try to move, to run, to hideaway

but all you find is another day.

The days pass you by in an untimely fashion

where the world blurs and how you feel is out of the question.

For no time clock or year goes by

where you don't forget what it feels to not know why.

You want to scream and yell to make it stop...

but it beats you down till the very last tick-tock.

Another sun has risen and gone while you

stand there begging it to be re-done.

But time is ruthless you see as

it takes no prisoners and has no empathy

for the world of grief that you live in.

It just passes you by while pulling the finger.

It is out of reach and doesn't hold back,

time does it to us all, laughs in your face

when all we want is for the world to stop

and sit with us while we commemorate.

Time turns seconds into hours

while rolling months into years without a care.

It won't wait, it won't stop for the ugly truth of grief to lower its head.

It sweeps on by you, pushing you forward while you lie awake in your bed.

Time though is sneaky, although fast and forceful

it freezes you to a spot.

You are stuck in this place with your stomach in a constant knot

while the feelings of emptiness never cease to stop.

Time holds you there, in that place,

it won't go back and let you redo that past time and space.

It swallows you whole and stands its ground

because you see time is counting, it's been around.

Time will never let you truly stop, its just a mirage you see.

Time can never be caught and reversed, it doesn't want to be.

Time makes you push forward through the unknown and watch you as you wobble.

Time makes you remember the past and pushes you into battle.

Gurt x

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