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Harriet Bremner has always lived in rural New Zealand and is passionate about the industry especially when it comes to health, safety and wellbeing and Harriet is determined to Change the Conversation around this within our rural communities. 

Harriet has spent the last four and a half years running her business, changing her career, farming and until recently, working for Safer Farms where she was able to start spreading her message. Working within the industry from this angle made her see that we still have a culture of eye rolls and sighs when it comes to health and safety and this needs to change. 

Paperwork doesn’t save lives but looking after your health, sharing stories, having conversations and making good decisions does. 

Health and Safety is NOT about chucking a high vis vest on and then making the same, average decisions. 

She has spoken at field days and schools, run workshops with farmers, been involved in the health and safety industry advisory group, been on national live television about her books and the Ambassador for #PlantASeedFor Safety (An Australian born initiative launched in NZ by Safer Farms)

Harriet visits primary schools and has started running farming days so that communities come together to celebrate farming and also to use children as advocates for change when it comes to the topic of health, safety and wellbeing. She knows, as a former teacher, that children are eager to learn and will be the game changers in the future for how they make decisions on the farm to stay safe. 

Harriet also loves talking to groups of adults to tackle the myth, It will never happen to me. We have all thought it, yet we brush it off and think those awful things only happen to other people. Unfortunately, this is not the case. It can happen to anyone at any time and it is usually the thing that we do all the time that gets us.  

A wrong decision in a moment, not only ends your life but it affects the lives of those left behind to deal with the aftermath for the rest of theirs. 

Currently residing in Southland near Manapouri farming and running her business, Harriet’s aim is to help people, help people and she believes that having the courage to share her story opens a door for others to stand up and share theirs.

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