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The things in life...

When things in life happen that you can't control,

human nature is to hold on tight and not let go.

When you're drowning and see no way out,

no one truly understands what it's all about.

The bottom of the dark hole is deep and

the way out seems so far away,

sometimes we believe its easier to just sit there and stay...

at the bottom out of sight,

where there really is no light and you can be

forgotten for feelings this way.

You sit there and weep as the memories run deep

and keep the good times at bay.

When you're in this place of misery,

although it can be hard to see...

there is only way way to go, that's up and not down.

You can fly again you will.

Time takes time and there is no reason or rhyme

as to why you have this almighty mountain to climb.

Remember one thing though,

as hard as your road,

don't toss those out who matter most

as they will be with you at your finishing post.

Through the thick fog and sun,

the tears and the fun,

to help all your pain go away.

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