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The Day You Went Away...

Two years ago you went away,

parted this earth in the fastest way.

No goodbyes were said,

no hugs goodbye

and you left us with nothing in our lives.

The roads been bumpy, shit it’s been rough.

Keeping our heads above water is hard and tough but

when we start drowning we think of you,

and keep kicking, that’s what you’d want us to do.

For we still get to be here,

we live through your memory,

your wings were broken but your halo guides us daily.

2 years have gone... oh how and why?

You were taken so suddenly and we still ask why?

You are now our angel,

our shining star,

guiding us to a path of greatness or whatever is on the cards.

We don’t take life for granted, you wouldn’t want us to

for your the one who missed out when you left too soon.

Two years on and not a day goes by where you aren’t on our minds.

We try to make you proud to make us strong,

it’s what keeps us moving forward.

Your everything is missed.

Everyday and always.

Since the day you went away.

Love Gurt & Pops x

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