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The Burden of Silence

When the burdon of silence becomes too much to bear,

we try and push through to avoid reliving the fear.

When it comes in waves and smashes us down,

we try and fight to float and not to drown.

Some days are hollow and some are long,

some are forgotten and we just want to move on.

Just when you think you have started swimming again,

another wave of grief smashes onto you pulling you in.

You can't get out, theres nowhere to hide,

from the burdon of life and what has been left behind.

It taunts you by day and haunts you at night,

while you pop on that smile and say 'I'm alright'.

Lies and pretending doesn't get you far,

it just keeps you on the surface but doesn't hide the scar.

Something happens that brightens your day,

it helps make it better, moving forward is part of the way.

But things hit you sideways, take you by surprise

because in grief you'll find, is a bit like a tide.

When its high, its suffocating and when its low its out of reach,

I need a lake that is steady not a fiery sea and its beach.

When the waves get to close, you can barely breathe,

you need the person there to pull you close,

to give you that sense of hope.

Be patient and be calm, we all need some time to

figure out whats in our heads an hour at a time.

Things that happen take us by surprise,

some good, some bad and otherwise

but its the daily clock of life and the drive.

Life and its gifts are not always nice,

they can be marvellous or cruel or

a mystery at night.

So look around you and see those who are there,

cherish them, love them and see them.

Talk, understand, be patient as you never know when your tide

will pull you under and out again.

Gurt x

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