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Tell Yourself...

When the storm rolls in and the thunder roars,

remember to look at yourself in awe

of the woman who crossed battlefields

even when wounds weren't healed.

You have been a person in hiding

who has so much to live and fight for

and it has been a long road to finding

the woman standing behind closed doors.

Life is hard and times are tough,

but always remember you are enough.

You can survive the storm and live today,

for pain and grief are here to stay.

Shape your life around it, don't ever let it make you give in,

for it is what drives you from within.

The burning desire and curiosity,

making everyone around you see that...

Tell yourself...

You are worthy, you are great

and only you will open the doors

to your future and your fate.

Tell yourself not of your flaws,

but of all the things you are searching for.

Look hard and lean in

towards the challenges that life continues to bring.

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