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Surround Yourself

Surround yourself with those who care,

especially the ones with time to spare.

Leave no stone unturned or words unheard

for your happiness depends on moving forward.

Surround yourself with love and sun,

remembering to be kind to everyone.

Things can be said and actions done,

this doesn't mean we can’t move on.

Surround yourself with talk and chatter,

and speak to those who ask ‘what’s the matter?’

Your weakness is the strength to start again

So don't leave yourself in the dark unheard.

Surround yourself with your favourite things,

animals and the outdoors, especially friends.

Be like Poo Bear who never cared

that Eyeore was forever scared.

Surround yourself with honesty,

rather than living in your misery.

Remove the dark cloud others can’t see

and trust in yourself to believe...

That you are special, you are great

and you are amazing, follow your fate

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