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Sadness in her eyes.

There's a sadness in her eyes

that only some can see.

They understand the grief that holds her misery.

They've been there, they've lived, grieved and forgiven.

Those who don't know only see blue eyes masking

her true feelings.

The sinking feeling in your tummy,

the foggy eyes filled with worry.

The brightness lost in her face

and seeing something that cannot be replaced.

The magic was lost in that moment

and was found again for a time and loving moment.

But the sadness in her eyes crept back in

begging her to begin

to build her life step by step,

remembering to not forget

of the love and laughter that filled her heart

and her eyes that bled showing she was happy for a while.

Now they're dull and a mystery

and a smile is hard to grin and bear you see.

For that sparkle has been gone for a moment too long

because the sadness took it away. .

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