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It's crazy, it seems....

We sit there in our misery,

making those around us believe,

we are happy, we are great,

while underneath we anticipate...

the storm brewing hard and strong,

inside us, we try to pretend it's gone.

It doesn't go away, not even on our happiest day.

It's real, it's raw, it's true and for those who don't know yet,

anything is new.

We walk out that door, put on that smile,

give us a moment, its been a while.

Since we genuinely saw laughter, love and fun

for a while there it just did not belong.

Tears will come and man they flow,

love leaves a scar that goes well below

the surface of what we see on a face,

it really just scars us, we don't care to deliberate.

We prefer laughter, not tears.

We love happiness, not our fears.

We enjoy compassion, not misery

as it makes us uncomfortable and less at ease.

Because it's crazy it seems to be anything other than full of gleam,

while happiness and a sense of 'i'm fine' is most definitely the line that those around us want to hear, cause...

'shit's got rough' is hardly fair to dump upon that listening ear...

But listening really is the thing to do,

for lending, an ear to those struggling should be nothing new.

You really shouldn't judge or try to change

and those types of friendships are sure to remain.

But hey it's crazy, it seems,

that grieving can last a lifetime indeed

as where there were love and laughter,

there is sadness and sorrow

because what has really been lost is our tomorrow.


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