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I cried today...


It rolls and smashes on top of you like unassuming waves. It's relentless in the weight that constantly bears down on your shoulders every minute of everyday. It consumes every breath and step you take within life itself. It makes you feel like you are frozen in time while the world spins around you. It's confusing, confronting and terrible. It's that silent lump in your throat that won't shift, the fist in your gut and the dull pounding headache. It's what keeps you awake in the dark and makes your eyes feel heavy during the day. It's what you see in the mirror and it's the dark hole you hide from the world in. It's scary, it's big, it's bold, it's the most frightening and exhausting form of a feeling. It's the opposite to love, it's the loss of the love you had. It's the emptiness you feel when you look around. It's the beginning of a road that's sharp, bumpy and steep. It's full of sorrow, memories, sadness and tears. We should speak about grief. It's a feeling that cannot be pushed aside or ignored. It's real, it's lonely and it's happening to me.

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