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The Raw Truth. The Blog. The things I write about and share with you deserve to be explained as they are in their world simply 'RAW'. They are quick writes about the truth, the moments of time where we feel deeply and want to share exactly that.

Therefore, on this site the editing is limited and change doesn't happen as I believe what you want to say and what you write down first is the truth.

Why should it be changed when we continuously edit what we are writing? Are we doing this for ourselves or our readers? I don't do it for both. If I over edit something, in turn I am editing out the truth. We change these things because it can seem too real or overwhelmingly raw and confronting.

The funny thing about this is that I find the more real something is, the more people engage with it on a different level. Sure, not everything that everyone writes will apply to everyone reading it.

It wouldn't matter how much editing and change you do, this will continue to be the case.

You might as well write it for you and then hope that what you have said from the heart, affects someone else in a positive light and reaches them when they needed it most.

The beautiful thing about writing is that you can't do it wrong. Sure there can be errors or things that others won't like about it or agree with but who cares?

You do you.

Write about what it really going on, don't bandaid it or cover it up. If you have something to say, say it. If someone has something critical to say, regard that as background noise. It is simply that. Noise. Noise is just annoying to be honest and not constructive for you at all.

I have found in the last month that saying how I truly feel, not what others expect you to feel, has had the better outcome. I have been able to connect with people on a different level and those who are able to handle 'The Raw Truth' about life engage in conversations that would never have taken place if I had simply said "yeah, I am good thanks" in response to the 'how are you today questions'.

Some people would rather read or talk or go for a long walk instead of writing. Writing is the thing that I do that I have found helps me cope.....and exercise....and animals....and Gin!

Find your thing, find the explanation of your Raw Truth and see what path that leads you down.

I bet it will be an interesting one.

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