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A note to the black dog from the brown dog.

Everything in life is such a mystery,

while bad things and good things can be hard to see...

which way is up and which way is down.

You only realise rock bottom once you hit the ground.

For the black dog is fierce and relentless in it shadows,

the brown dog just means a bad day.

The black dog is big and bold and bad,

making you forget your life and all you had.

We all have a taste of the brown dog from time to time

its something that simply keeps us in line.

When the black dogs creeps in and sits next to you

the sky becomes foggy and you can't see what is waiting for you is perfect indeed.

It's calm and it's nice and compared to this life,

its the best one you could choose.

You need to talk, you need to speak, to help pull you out of your misery.

When there seems no way out and you push me away,

it must seem like its the only way.

You must, however, learn that life itself throws punches and

to stand and fight you need your side full of people who love you.

It's the battle we don't choose,

it's the dark place we don't see and living beside you, black dog, is a misery.

So please I beg, please take heed to find some help to solve

this puzzle you can't complete.

The pieces they feel lost but they can be found...

you just need to pick them up off the ground and

take time to find their place as you unwrap the parcel

of life you have created.

Have a good life, have a long one and remember to

always hold onto the puzzle and keep it full,

for when you drop pieces they can be lost too.

I hope your tunnel lightens and the load of the long days

become less and you find yourself flying out of the hole

you fell into.

Let there be days when the brown dog is near

to remind you of how raw life can be

but chase the black dog away and don't let it

complete you or be your destiny.

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