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Harriet Bremner is getting


New Children's Book by Harriet Bremner

Wool's the Word!

Join Pops as she unravels the wonder of wool on shearing day at Jericho Station.

Forget the rest, wool is the best!

Welcome to The Raw Truth with Harriet Bremner

Harriet Bremner is an Author, Speaker and Advocate for Health and Safety on Farms focusing on a practical approach that will save lives. ​

Drawing on her own personal experience of loss, she is taking a positive approach to use her grief to help others. Speaking on a range of subjects, Harriet's Authenticity, Raw Truth and Grit touches the hearts of those in her audience and enables her to encourage and inspire audiences from young children to CEO's of corporate companies. 

To find out more about ‘The Raw Truth’ and be included in the journey, Click Here

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Harriet Bremner has always lived in rural New Zealand and is passionate about the industry especially when it comes to health, safety and wellbeing and Harriet is determined to Change the Conversation around this within our rural communities. 

Harriet has spent the last four and a half years running her business, changing her career, farming and until recently, working for Safer Farms where she was able to start spreading her message. Working within the industry from this angle made her see that we still have a culture of eye rolls and sighs when it comes to health and safety and this needs to change.

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Harriet offers the following speaking engagements:

  • Sharing her story to inspire others

  • Finding your grit and knowing when to pivot (Resilience) - Grief
  • Trauma

  • Health, Safety and Wellbeing (All ages)

  • Mental Health

  • Workshops tailored to individual needs

  • School visits - tailored to schools individual needs (Primary and Secondary)

  • University talks


Harriet speaks on mental wellbeing and making the right choices when it comes to safety in a relatable and interesting manner, moving her audience to think twice before making a decision that might affect their future. Real, raw, and inspiring, Harriet is available to speak with a range of ages, whether it be a corporate event or school age kids.

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We invited Harriet along to our National Sales Conference Series to provide a different perspective on Health and Safety to our team. Harriet’s story is a deeply personal one and because of this, it resonates with you.


It flipped our staff’s preconceptions about Health and Safety In their heads – this wasn’t the same old boring and stuffy presentation about wearing a high vest – this was impactful, meaningful and relevant to them and the communities they work within. Harriet’s talk served to inspire our staff – not only have we have heard numerous anecdotes of team members who have modified their behaviours after hearing the talk, but we also have received many inquiries on how we can help support Harriet’s message in the industry – this speaks volumes to how approachable and real her message is.

I could not recommend Harriet and her message highly enough if you want to affect some real change in your business mindset around Agricultural Health and Safety.

We for one look forward to continuing to work with Harriet in the future.


Technical Team Manager and Sales Conference Convener
PGG Wrightson Ltd

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