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This is me. The Raw Truth.

Hey everyone... I wrote this last year in the midst of heavy grief.

It's dark when grief rears it's ugly head, it presents itself with a spiky edge and unfailing certainty. It hurts when it's words stab the inside of your heart causing a pain felt like no other. The actions of the grief itself cause turmoil and angst bringing out the worst possible fear of what you hoped would never happen. The loss, well it evolves into greater loss, so big even those gone from this life become unsettled in their deep eternal sleep. Fear turns to anger and anger to disappointment of what belief of the future has literally been stolen and torn into shreds of nothing 'behind' you. Just because you can't see it, doesn't make it easier but the betrayal and disbelief even truer. The future has clouded over, even those who could help or who possibly had the answer have made the fog thicker and darker.  I can no longer see through, now nothing lays beyond.

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Sep 18, 2018

I love your writing may it be a children’s book or your words of truth.

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